A picture from the tournament! Juan in the bottom right-hand corner was my co-caster for the Twitch stream

Thank you to everybody who joined in watching the first ever Forzebreak tournament! Everybody had a lot of fun, and we totally plan on having more tournaments down the line.

The placings! Team Ahmet, composed of Ahmet, Joey, and JayZ, were our winners!

The Forzebreak team learned a lot of valuable feedback that’ll help them refine their game going forward (they especially liked AlexMakesGames’s suggestions from the Twitch feed), and Team Ahmet loves their new boxing gloves! Joey was actually the winner of last month’s Major League Magic tournament, meaning he’s currently undefeated in any game we’ve run a tournament for. I had a blast shoutcasting, and special thanks to Juan for co-casting with me for most of the tournament.

Congrats to Team Ahmet for winning their prizes, and a big thanks to everyone who participated and watched!

If you missed the tournament, you can watch it here: