When I covered 5 Free Weapons Every Payday Player Should Try, several people were disappointed that I focused exclusively on the bizarre weapons that had unique mechanics, instead of covering all-purpose firearms from the ordinary weapon categories. This video is for them: 5 Versatile weapons For Base Game Players in Payday 2

Starting with #1, The Union 5.56 is one of the easiest and most effective assault rifles in the whole game, mostly due to its nonexistent recoil, huge magazine and better-than average stats across the board. It runs out of reserve ammo quickly, but this is offset by its very good ammo pickup. Another weapons with great ammo pickup is

#2 the Compact 5 submachine gun is my personal favorite SMG in the game, due to its great stability, huge mod pool and the best possible concealment out of any fully-automatic weapon in the game. It’s main downside is its average damage, but this is offset by its controllable fire and huge ammunition pool.

#3 For shotguns, I recommend the IHZMA. It’s a member of the AK family, meaning it comes with a giant mod pool meaning you can craft it into pretty much any build you want. Plus it reloads with magazines, rather than single-shell, and it can be fired in semi- or full-auto.

#4 The White Streak pistol strafes the middle ground between the pistol categories. It has the stopping power and damage of the magnums, with the concealment and reload speeds of a smaller pistol. It’s main downside is a lack of available mods, but in its base form it can already hold its own in pretty much any build.

And #5 the Judge is an extremely good secondary shotgun due to its incredibly high concealment and rate of fire. It has the highest damage-per-shot and base ammo pool of all shotguns, and even reloads all its shots at once. The Judge has been a fan favorite for years, and if you’ve ever played with it, you probably expected it to appear on this list.

Finally bonus #6, if you’re not sure what weapon type you want to use, pick something Akimbo. The 2018 Spring Break update added 30 new Akimbo weapons, and many of the best options in the game are found in that category. If you want specifics, try the Baby Deagles, Krinkovs, and Brothers Grimm, but you can’t go wrong with almost any weapon in that category.

Hope you learned something new, this is aabicus with the SPUF of Legend, keep those helmets flying!