In 2016 I wrote this article, and I legit don’t think I remembered it when using the exact same title for a SPUF of Legend video almost two years later. Well, the two lists don’t actually have much in common, so let’s cover some more great options that don’t require any DLC! (Note: This list is only for ranged weapons, if you want melee weapons check out this previous article.)

1. The Platypus

The Platypus topped both of these lists due to being the only sniper rifle available to base game players, meaning that it can penetrate shields to damage as many cops as you can line up. If that sounds good but your primary slot is already full, instead maybe consider taking

2. The 5/7 pistol

The 5/7 is the only armor-piercing pistol in the game, meaning it has the exact same shield-piercing capabilities and is equally useful for all the same reasons. You can bring it with any primary weapon of your choice and still have an efficient counter to any Shields blocking your path. Speaking of secondaries:

3. The MA-17 Flamethrower

Flamethrowers are always a popular weapon type in horde shooters, and Payday 2 is no exception. The MA-17 Flamethrower excels at close-range crowd control and proccing damage-over-time effects, such as stunlocking specials or healing for Grinder builds. Also, flamethrowers are fucking awesome and everyone should have one.

4. The STRYK

The STRYK is the only pistol capable of fully-automatic fire, meaning it plays like a submachine gun that can use pistol skills. This makes it a very versatile firearm, and that goes ditto for the Akimbo version which I unironically consider the single best weapon in the entire game.

5. DECA Technologies Compound Bow

The DECA Bow is the only bow available to base game players, unlocking a particularly versatile playstyle if you equip the explosive arrows attachment. As this article details, you have a ton of arrows to keep the pressure on and you can even replenish your supply through proccing Swan Song and firing uncharged arrows at your feet.

6. The KSP58

The KSP58 is the only light-machine gun available to base game players, meaning it comes with a large magazine size, optional bipods and a truly blistering rate of fire. But if that’s not enough dakka, consider graduating to the XL56 microgun, a heavy-hitting minigun whose magazine capacity and ammo count are the highest of all weapons in the game.

7. The Compact 40

The Compact 40 millimeter is the only free Grenade Launcher. Grenades have so many unique upsides, from crowd control to shield-busting to optional incendiary damage.. So if you’re only gonna use one weapon from this video, make it this one.

8. The Galant

The Galant rifle might not be as weird as all these other weapons, but it is seriously one of the most satisfying guns to use in the game. You unlock it through the Rapid retribution side job, which will take a while, but once you get there, it has high damage, high accuracy, a controllable recoil, and a quick reload. It actually is the only weapon that reloads faster from an empty clip so feel free to fire all your bullets before hearing the satisfying ping.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found a cool new weapon to try! As always, have a great day and keep those helmets flying!