Masks. You put them on at the beginning of a heist when you want to leave casing mode, and that’s about all there is to them, right? Wrong! It turns out there are actually three masks with a special ability, night-vision, which you can toggle by holding down the Weapon Fire Mode button, default “V” on PC. There is no downside to equipping these masks, you just get free night-vision no matter what build or loadout you have. Today, we’re covering 3 Masks with Night Vision in Payday 2. Starting with #1…

1. Batshit Crazy

“Batshit Crazy” comes with a green-tinted night-vision that is my personal preference of the hues available. In order to unlock this mask you need to own the Gage Spec Ops DLC, and then you need to complete the special side job “War For Oil,” which requires finding a hidden weapon case and two keys in the Big Oil Job. Seems like a lot of work, for a less experienced player. Doubly so if you don’t even have the Gage Spec Ops DLC in the first place. But if you’re feeling more blue than green…

2. Cloaker-San

Despite the name, Cloaker-San is not based off the mask of everyone’s favorite special unit. The Cloaker-San mask comes with a cool blue tint, and is unlocked via the achievement “Ghost Run”, which requires beating the Murky Station job within 7 minutes of starting it. Again, might be a bit hard for a newbie, but an experienced player can get the job done.

If that still sounds like too much effort to unlock your night-vision, you’re gonna love #3:

3. PNV-BriteNite

PNV-BriteNite, the final night-vision mask in the game, has no unlock requirements whatsoever. You can just go use it right now, it’s got the same green tint as Batshit Crazy while looking more like a visor than a helmet. You don’t need any DLC stuff either. Either way, it looks cool, and night vision is always a bit of fun. Even if it is all a bit niche.

And, uh, that’s it, that’s all there is to say on this topic. I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t going to make this article because night-vision didn’t seem like a sufficiently informative focus, but these masks were added over 3 years ago and have received no updates or reminders since, so maybe there are new heisters out there who had no idea night-vision was a thing in this game. And now you do!

Thanks for reading as always, this is aabicus with the Daily SPUF, keep those helmets flying!