In October 2016, Overkill added a new currency to Payday 2 called Continental Coins. Borrowed from the John Wick universe, players could use these coins to upgrade their new safehouse and, when done with that, spend the remainder upgrading their AI heisters, optimizing or salvaging their CrimeSpree, and buying extra weapon mods. For such a valuable side currency, they sure don’t accumulate very quickly, which is why today we’re covering 5 Ways to Farm Continental Coins in Payday 2.

1. Side Jobs

Side Jobs are the easiest way to earn a few every day. The Safehouse Daily side job will always reward 6 continental coins upon completion, and usually aren’t particularly difficult challenges to boot. This should be considered the ‘baseline’ Continental coin rate, with these other strategies for players who want to earn more faster.

2. Safe House Raid

Safe House Raid is another recurring method for earning steady coins. Defending your Safe House every week grants you 6 Continental Coins, and you can earn even more by defending other people’s safe houses whenever the chance pops up on your map. If you ever don’t feel like it and ‘let the crew handle it,’ the raid option will always reappear the next day.

3. Trophies

Trophies are special challenges, similar to achievements, that unlock new furniture or trinkets that appear in your safehouse. But you also get 6 continental coins for every trophy you complete, so check the wiki and see if there are any easy ones you haven’t gotten around to unlocking yet.

4. Career Mode

Career Mode (previously known as Story Line) is a pseudo-tutorial campaign that will walk you through the majority of heists in the game. Not only does it occasionally reward continental coins, it’s great for getting to host DLC heists exactly once, even if you haven’t purchased them on Steam yet. And finally…

5. CrimeSpree

CrimeSpree just keeps capping off my lists because there’s just nothing else in the game that can compare. While you have to spend Continental coins to save your streak if you fail, you’ll quickly notice that you’re earning far more than you lose, even with average play. Like every other collectible in Payday 2, CrimeSpree remains the single-best one-stop-shop to reach endgame-level collections, even after the cheesier strats got patched out in Update 200.

Hope you enjoyed the article! I wanted to briefly apologize for the sheer length in between this and my previous Payday guide; I’ve kinda run out of topics to cover. If you have any ideas let me know, but I think we’ve pretty thoroughly picked clean everything a beginning player could possibly want to know about this game over the course of this 44-article series. That being said, I do have one final idea, so you can look forward to that article soon! Have a great day as always, this is aabicus with the SPUF of Legend, keep those helmets flying!