Since my last article on sd_doomsday, I’ve played the map a lot more, and learned a lot more about how to maximize your presence and worth on the battlefield. I’ve also learned a couple of glitches with the map, and since I don’t have enough of either to justify its own article, today we’re killing two monkeys with one stone.

Strat 1- Best rollout: This is, in my opinion, the most optimal way a single player can spend the opening minute of the round to help his team: sticky-jumping over to the enemy intel door and controlling it before they can even walk through it. This short video I made demonstrates the jump, then shows an example of it being used in regular play:

Once you’re through the doorway, it is incredibly difficult for enemies to push through, regardless of how many there are. If you have any team support whatsoever going for the flag, they can almost always get it relatively unimpeded.

Glitch 1- Regenerating health: If your team has the intelligence on the elevator, the elevator will heal them (and other teammates on the platform) at the rate of a lvl 1 Dispenser. Great. The glitch comes in where I’ll start getting these heals even if nowhere near the elevator. I randomly started regenerating under the bridge, near the intel pickup, on the sniper catwalks…it doesn’t happen every time, (or even often) and because of that I have no idea what other parameters are in place to cause it. But here’s a short video for proof, with unfitting anime background music:

Strat 2 – High grounds you didn’t even know you could take: While flying around the map with my Sticky Jumper, occasionally I’d crash into something and realize to my surprise that I could stand on it.

Huh. Killing snipers somehow just got even easier.
Huh. Killing snipers somehow just got even easier.

The above spot requires you to depress S to stay up there. The below spot does not.

Turn around and you get a view of the whole battlefield (though an invisible wall prevents you from making use of it)
Only works on the BLU side. Turn around and you get a view of the whole battlefield (though an invisible wall prevents you from making use of it)

And these were discovered on accident; I bet if you just try random outcroppings you can find some other ones providing high grounds that Anakin Skywalker would be jealous of. Since gamers all seem to have a problem with thinking to look up, these spots can become treasure troves for ambushers or even as escape routes.

Glitch 2- AoE buffs travel through floors: This glitch is not particularly useful for Demoman, but Banner Soldiers and Amputator Medics can find some seriously powerful uses with it:

There are a number of spots where this sort of glitch occurs. I haven’t tried, but I wager that Amputator Medics in particular can really help their team if they just find the right timing and location.

Strat 3: Avoid the rocket half of the map as often as possible: It’s where all the action takes place, it’s where one team wins, and it’s completely devoid of health and ammo kits (except a large one of each right outside spawn. Those are never there when I jump to them.) The other half of the map is littered with health and ammo everywhere, and you can travel anywhere instantly with the Sticky Jumper, so this boosts your survivability by a large margin. Sure, you’ve got to enter the killfest area occasionally, to Caber the enemy flag carrier or destroy a sentry nest, but as soon as possible get back out; it’s a meat grinder. You’re probably doing the most good to your team defending the Australium spawn area and keeping the enemy sniper platform empty anyway.

I’ve managed to get a few friends to play this map, and all have since given up because it really is a bad map. But I can’t stop playing it, and if you feel any urge to give it another pass, I encourage you to do so.