This week is our sparsest yet, and we can almost definitely chalk this up to it coinciding with Valve’s traditional vacation time at the end of the year. Since 2007, there have only been 2 updates during this week:


The first, December 23rd 2010, has some interesting things. The Crusader’s Crossbow got its textures updated, and Valve revealed the stats to the Quick-Fix for the first time. This update also turned on double-drop week, the first of three times this has ever happened. This update also contained a cryptic change: “Added strings related to the Gadget Token to tf_english.txt.” We have never learned what the Gadget Token was, or what it did. All Robin Walker has said on the matter was that it “…was an experiment we tested internally, but didn’t like enough to ship.” Mysterious…

December 23rd, 2011 fixed a fun exploit with the new Spy-cicle: You could still tauntkill people even when the knife had melted. This update switched its taunt to that of the revolver. This makes it one of two knives to not utilize the fencing taunt; the other is the Sharp Dresser (which makes the Sharp Dresser the only straight downgrade to stock in TF2.)

And that’s all she wrote!