So you went ahead and downloaded this mod! But somehow you aren’t good at playing a heavy with a rocket launcher taped to his head? Never fear, this article will give you all the advice you need!

Tip 1: Strafe – You don’t have to shoot the gun. It shoots for you. Instead, focus all your energy on moving around. Dodge projectiles. This is seriously the main perk you have over regular sentries.

Tip 2: Get a fellow engineer to help out. A man on the front lines repairing is a godsend for a moving sentry. Repair damage, replenish ammo, the works. This can significantly increase a sentry’s lifespan. Make sure to take turns, I personally find this guy’s job more fun than the one playing the flight simulator from Battlefront: Elite Squadron.

Picture by tuacker
Picture by tuacker

Tip 3: Try to maintain the high ground. Regular sentries love the high ground. It significantly increases your line-of-sight while ruining your enemy’s. Take full advantage of this and always attack from above. Of course, you better be playing a map that has high grounds, so not cp_orange.

Tip 4: Use corners. Use your hilarious little jump to jump-rev around corners like a heavy, then assault the enemy with missiles like a soldier. Then duck around the corner. This can increase the survivability of your engy friend you got from Tip 2.

Tip 5: Retreat into spawn before going remote. Sound obvious? It is. But far too many of my fellow engies couldn’t wait and busted out the remote the millisecond they’d reached lvl 3, leaving their defenseless selves standing around the nearest ammo pack from spawn. It was almost as fun in this game mode spy-cloaking my way to the enemy spawn and backstabbing all the AFK engies. (If it’s cp_orange_x3, do this on RED team, so you can get into enemy spawn. There is nowhere for them to hide.)

Tip 6: Make sure your server also has the Amplifier mod. The Amplifier replaces your dispenser and instead grants full crits to any allies within range. This is a totally balanced idea. It works on sentries too, so if you’d like to play engy the way he’s supposed to (defensive area denial) you can camp your sentry around the Amplifier and defeat literally anything that comes your way, except enemy remote-control sentries. Your sentries have got an even chance against each other when that happens, but I recommend turning off the remote control and Wrangling it when they show up. Your doubled firing speed will win the day (they can’t Wrangle), and then you repair it once you’ve won, while your enemy engineers are coming out of their comas and sadly building a new lvl 3 right outside their spawn. Unless they’re getting backstabbed by trolltastic spies.

A remote control sentry's best friend. Picture by boardupthehouse.
A remote control sentry’s best friend. Picture by boardupthehouse.