Argeon is the face of SPUF fiction and a highly visible member in the weapon balance scene. Creator of the successful “Which Weapons Need Changing?” thread and the “Write Some Moar” contests, he also takes free requests for TF2 Fiction and is one of SPUF’s most frequent posters throughout the TF2 section. Today, we got him to write a little about himself.

The pencil is mightier than the knife. Picture from Raum's workshop submission.
The pencil is mightier than the knife. Picture from Raum’s workshop submission.

1. What originally got you into TF2 fiction?

To be completely honest, it’s a long trip with an inspirational figure which drew me on board. It started out as a knack I had at writing stories, ever since my elementary days. Over time, it grew until I started writing my own short stories, mostly melancholic and about strangers, as I did not know about TF2 at the time. Eventually after experimenting and found the wonderful game of TF2, I looked at SirActionPants and I knew that I could combine my love for writing with my love for TF2. This is how my first story “Death by Unusuals” was born.

2. TF2 is an unusual source for storytelling, as it isn’t a very narrative-driven universe and its characters are not filling typical narrative roles. Has this affected the way you write for it?

It really has affected me in a positive way. The reason why I love writing in the TF2 universe is because there isn’t a narrative-driven universe! Think of story writing as making something with a mold. If you have a strong narrative with a lot of constrictions, you really have to abide to them and it limits your choices, or on the opposing spectrum, if you have nothing, you have no mold to assist you forcing you to do all the work! Sure you can make something with a constrained mold or even no mold, but when you have a light background and a mostly unknown world like TF2 has, I find myself in a more comfortable position to pour my thoughts into the story – it gives me freedom in writing. This would explain why I write TF2 stories and not, say, My Little Pony fanfiction.

3. You’ve shown to care deeply about TF2’s balance. What are the top 3 balance changes you would make to TF2 if you were given the chance?

This answer will definitely change over time. As of now, I’d say Flamethrower, Stickybomb Launcher, and the Minigun. I think since they’re vanilla weapons, they almost hold more importance than unlocks, since those revolve around the stock. Flamethrower really needs to be buffed up, in particular the afterburn to make the Pyro the class he was supposed to be. Stickybomb Launcher, in my unpopular opinion, has too much power and is hard to balance around. The Scottish Resistance gets completely pushed aside since this is better in just about every way possible. It really needs to be toned down. Lastly, the Minigun needs to have a slower spin-up and faster spin-down.

4. Write Some Moar! has proven to be a great success, with much community backing. Why do you think the opportunity to write fiction appeals so much to the people on SPUF, and in the community in general?

I believe that the community enjoys creative and unique events such as this one, especially when it touches on a game that they love and to show off their hard work. People that I’ve talked about the contest say that they enjoy the arts and seeing their peers write literature, so that’s certainly motivational. Personally, though, I think the underlying factor as to why people like this is because it’s fun. A fun backstory, the contest spirit, it really brings the excitement out, and people enjoy that!

5. Any closing remarks?

I am really honored to be able to host one of the highly-enjoyed contests of the year. I never thought my silly idea would grow into something big, and with all of you fellow SPUFers backing me up enthusiastically, I truly feel as if I have left a mark on SPUF. Thank you so much, and I hope I can keep entertaining you as the years go!