Picture by Gen. DeGroot.
Picture by Gen. DeGroot.

Today, we’ll be chatting with resident SPUFer Davjo, currently on his second account after screaming at German people. He’s been popping up on SPUF for ages and is fairly obsessed with Scouts and map stamps. In fact, Davjo is one of the few people to have worn one of the most prestigious hats around, the Philateler.

1. You wrote a very popular (currently outdated) guide to the Quick-Fix. Do you plan on updating it? And what are your thoughts about the current Quick-Fix and TF2’s balance in general?

1. I doubt that I will ever update the Quick-Fix thread. I defended the weapon because it was seen as “useless” back then, now it’s actually a more reliable choice. I loved the No Overheal attribute though, made it more unique than other Mediguns to some extend. TF2’s balance in general? I better let other people talk about that since I think that every weapon is balanced to some degree (yes, Fire Axe is reliable).

2. What’s your opinion on the recent announcement of the 4v4 league?

4v4 league? I think I heard something like that, let me Google it *Googles* Oh, TC maps, a place to finally play Hydro again, eh? Too bad it’s not Arena though.

3. Why Davjo #2? What happened to Davjo #1? (And who’s that Davjo #3 guy?)

My first account got banned (and a whopping 8 infraction points at once) because I told Germans (read: people from my own country) to shut up and talk English on English language forums. Why they talked German? Well, steam was down on Germany for a whole day, and apparently, 24 hours is a big deal for those idiots, demanding refunds for their +200 games. It’s stupid. That Davjo #3 guy was an impersonator that I met on some server or so, I never take trolls serious, but that he ACTUALLY threatened me with an alternate SPUF account to impersonate me AND actually did it is impressive. Good thing he’s banned now.

4. Last year you held a Buy a Map Stamp day on SPUF. What in your opinion are the best ways a player can show his support to the community content creators in TF2?

More mapstamps, obviously. There are more ways to contribute to the community creators, for example by simply buying their stuff, but I doubt that anyone would do that. Mapstamps and Map Filters are the only thing that shows true support, seeing as Valve gets NO SINGLE CENT out of these.

5. Have you purchased any Map Filters? What’s your opinion on them?

Yes, actually a couple of them. They are a nice addition to Stranges, allowing you not only to keep track of kills, but instead allow you to keep track of kills on a specific map. Also, their prefixes can be funny, too, for example, Frosty Spy-cicle, Covert Gunslinger or Efficient Frying Pan. I also got my Villians Veil filtered on Process (Efficient) and my Sight for Sore Eyes on Coldfront (Frosty). My personal favourite is still my Rocket Launcher filterd on Steel (Rigid) with a whooping 1.5k kills! On top of that, Map Filters make it hard to farm stranges, so you know that the guy who has his weapon filtered did it legitimately.

6. What’s your next big project for the SPUF or TF2 community?

Actually, I have no idea. Seeing as Write Some More 2 is about to come, I might write a story or two. If you mean something that I will host, I’m not sure. But there definitely will be a second annual Buy a Mapstamp Day if I happen to host nothing in the meantime.