I’m going to be honest, I’ve been pretty ticked at Tripwire. Ever since Killing Floor 2 was first released in Early Access back in April, Tripwire had succeeded in adding a single map and no other game-changing alterations for over four months. I hate to be one of those people who clamor for new content, but when a game is released into beta you kinda expect additions and stuff since the whole point of a beta is to allow the devs to change and tweak content without worrying about needing to commit to anything. Even the graphs where they reminded everyone that developing new content takes time felt a bit passive-aggressive. When I moved from Texas to Ohio and left my desktop with my friends in Illinois, I found myself having to reinstall my games onto my laptop and deciding “Why should I reinstall a dead-on-release game? I’ll just go play Payday, a series headed by a developer whose proven able to release multiple new patches every month.”

Then, recently, we finally got some new game-altering content with the announcement that the Demo and Firebug perks were being released…in an opt-in beta. For the beta. That entire concept strikes me as absurd, and it’s only now that they’ve dropped the beta2 and added the perks to the base game that I felt like coming back and giving it a go.

Let's not even talk about the recent 8,000 key giveaway for the limited-edition Dosh Jacket. I'm not one of the original owners, but if I had been I'd rightfully think the developers had lied to me.
Let’s not even talk about the recent 8,000 key giveaway for the rare Dosh Jacket. I’m not one of the original owners from May 2014, but if I was I’d rightfully think the developers had lied to me about it being limited edition.

But not only do we have two new perks to fool around with now, the old ones got a huge balance update. The Berzerker is significantly improved, not just statistically but also through wielding a new Zweihander greatsword available for owners of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. I won’t lie, that (and a 5 dollar sale) was finally the straw that got me to buy Chivalry now that Depth, Rocket League and even Payday 2 now sport tie-in Chivalry content.

So, I booted up the new and improved Killing Floor 2 to play…




…oookay, I guess my laptop for some reason cannot handle the new Killing Floor 2. At least not without horrific graphical glitches such as the characters bouncing around in reference pose. They look like I’m playing with jointless action figures. So since I can’t play the game, I guess it turns out this article is actually just about how disappointed I am with Tripwire and their handling of this Early Access game.

Seriously, Tripwire, get on the ball. It does not take this long to add new content, and your tardiness is hurting the game because players are giving up on it. I gave up on it. I’m not even that miffed I can’t play KF2, I’m going to go try Chivalry now because with all the collaborations the devs have proved they can update a game more than once in five freaking months. Killing Floor 1 used to sit comfortably in the Top 25 list of most played Steam games, and now neither of them do.

You're belly-flopping, Tripwire, just like this Stalker. Don't be like this Stalker.
You’re belly-flopping, Tripwire. Just like this Stalker. Don’t be like this Stalker.