There are aliens in TF2!

Picture by muzgmen.
Picture by muzgmen.

There had been hints of a possible Invasion update for some time now, but Valve has actually done a great job of keeping this one under wraps, perhaps having learned from the toxic effect all the End of the Line hype had caused. Indeed, if Kritzkast hadn’t deflected the June trailer leak by pretending it was merely a community model pack, we would have had 4 months of absolutely nothing for the hype to do but fester. Well played, Valve.

But now that actual UFOs are appearing in the skyboxes of the most popular TF2 maps, it’s clear that something big is coming down. With the timing being so close to Halloween, people aren’t sure whether we can expect a Scream Fortress From Outer Space, but what we do know is that it’ll likely involve the items in the Community Invasion Pack.

So, we’ve fought skeletons, zombies, robots, and ghosts. Are you ready to fight aliens? And what sort of aliens? Greys? Greens? Reptiles? Pyros?

Lots of interesting questions lie ahead.

Do you want to believe?