Yeah, day 14 is the same premise as day 13. Lemme explain;

So yesterday I put all that shit on my laptop so I’ll have a laptop, but it was super slow. This isn’t a great laptop, the reason I put my Unity plans on hold before was because Unity was freaking laggy and bloated and everything took forever to do. So I waited until I got my new desktop for my birthday.

But now I’m at my parent’s house and said desktop is in Austin but I realized “Hey! I can use my mom’s Apple desktop!” So today I spent way too long installing Unity and making all the dumb stuff for the third time. And GUESS WHAT we go driving to grandma’s tomorrow, aka a place that DOESN’T have the desktop I just blew a bunch of time developing on, so I’m restricted again to my damn laptop. I don’t know if I can code on it, I really don’t.

But I will. Because nobody said coding was easy, and I’m not breaking the chain for anything, especially not wimpy problems like below-average hardware. We’re making a console game for god’s sake, I’m just gonna tank through it. And then eventually I can fly home and do all of it again as I update my actually-decent desktop! 😀 Gotta love programming!

In other news, got to see Star Wars Force Awakens. It was pretty awesome, deserves all the money it’s making.