Welp, here I am at Grandma’s house. Grandma’s at a ripe old age and we only get two days with her before having to zip home for Christmas so I spent the entire day in her company, meaning I have to do my video tonight. But like I explained before, I’m at grandma’s now, far away from the prepared desktop and sitting idly with my slowass cannot-do-Unity laptop.

But here’s where the “Don’t break the chain” system works its magic, because I want to keep the chain going so bad I watched a video even though I can’t do it! We covered variables, got to watch him define the variable “max” as the highest number the player can choose, and “min” the lowest number (ie 1). Then we got it to print some things. Except I didn’t, I just followed along but I totally knew how to do that beforehand so we’re not surfing into totally new territory or anything.

Chain is unbroken, even if it’s got some pretty weak links slinking along right now. Probably not the best time to add ten pushups a day like I was toying with doing.