Ignore that last post; There’s not enough space to post honking huge paragraphs into Unity so I had to keep the intro short in-game. I’ll go back later once it’s complete and integrate that backstory into the text adventure. But yeah, that’s gonna be the plot to the text adventure. Set in the Darwin’s Soldiers universe, not that you need to know that because you literally just read the entire backstory to the game. (But if you’d like to read more of the lore, Card of Ten -> Ground One -> Chasing Seconds is the story progression you’d need to understand everything.) The game is told from anti-matter Earth’s perspective and takes place after Ground One.

The first half of today’s video was almost entirely taken up by learning how to truncate lines so you can read your code without having to scroll left or right. Seems kinda pointless but I bet I won’t think that in the future so I’m taking his word for it and learning how.

Rest of the video was spent creating more text. Sadly I don’t have the space to view all my text currently but I bet we’re gonna fix that later so I’m leaving it as is.

Starting it up

IT’S HAPPENING!!!11!! ;D  :’D  D:  XD

Update: Crap I realized how to make paragraphs, just use new print functions, one after the other. Derrrr. That is NOT how you do it, he covered it in the video. Just add /n to your content to line break.