When the Travellers emerged from the glowing portal, they seemed a blessing. As they explained it, they were humans from a parallel Earth; scientists, no less. And while they were not capable of replicating the power source that fueled their portal bridge, their intellect brought about a number of scientific marvels and technological wonders. They integrated into society, bore children, and died a few years later.

Decades of peace passed, and then their children all died as young adults. Then anyone who’d met them died. And it soon became clear that the scientists had brought a very dangerous disease with them through the portal. A sickness they’d no doubt been escaping. Named the Time Plague, as it inevitably killed its victims exactly 25 years after contracting it, the otherwise asymptomatic epidemic ravaged the world’s population, and it’s now likely the world will be barren and lifeless within two years.

But there’s one hope. Using the remaining fuel from the original Travellers’ shuttlecraft, your team was able to reactivate their portal bridge for a precious few seconds. Only you jumped through in time, and as you spin through a swirling vortex headed to an unknown dimension, you knew you had two simple tasks: Find a way to fuel the portal bridge for a return trip, and find the cure to the Time Plague.