(Note: this is a filler article replacing an article deleted on 12/1/2017 by author request.)

aabicus: The main reason Overwatch lootboxes don’t bother me is how quickly you level up. You get around 4K experience for every game assuming you’re playing a group, so even an hour of gaming gets you another loot box.

However, I have to note that I have 17,000 unspent coins that I’d been building up since I started playing, and I’ve been incredibly lucky with the skins I want dropping out of level up loot boxes. (Plus I only play Lucio so I don’t care what any of my other characters look like). Plus I have the Twitch prime free loot boxes and was one of the lucky NA players who got 16 free lootboxes during the South Korea chargeback fiasco, basically I’ve never purchased a loot box because there’s nothing they could drop that I’d want.

That being said, Blizzard’s lootbox system has gotten greedier with updates. Ever since duplicates became rare, my coin income has plummeted and I would be so frustrated if I were an ordinary player saving up for stuff and trying to buy skins with coins. None of my friends can comfortably afford the skins they want even though they play about as much as I do, especially since Blizzard has apparently decided that new event skins are legendary and always cost 3000 coins. I’d say that the current lootboxes do not release enough coins to afford a fair amount of event skins, and there is almost nothing else ever released to spend your coins on.

Medic: Thing is, you’re the exception. Just like your friends, I’ve had sister constantly complaining about both never getting rare drops AND not having enough coins to get what she wants. And she’s been playing constantly since release. Most people will play at least 2-3 classes, and what they want will be incredibly varied. Since there’s no simple way to get coins, there’s no simple way apart from relying on sheer RNG to get the skins they want.