Merry Christmas! If you don’t have the Santa mask in Payday: The Heist yet, here’s how to get it quick!

1. Start up a multiplayer server. Don’t waste time waiting for someone to join, you can get it with the bots. THE PRESENT WILL NOT SPAWN on a single-player server.

2. Set the map to Panic Room, normal difficulty. Loadout doesn’t matter. Thick Skin might help with gangsters shooting at you.

3. Once the heist has started, enter the building but blow your cover by walking past the guards on the stairs.

4. Sprint to the roof. The present will be on a plank of wood jutting out of the house on the side facing your spawn point.

5. Take a running jump off that ledge and mash the interact button as you’re falling. If your timing is right/lucky, you’ll hit the ground painfully and start hallucinating snow.

6. Congratulations! Now you can wear your Santa mask!