Hello everyone! As mentioned previously, I’m now the marketer for Major League Magic, and we’ve got some awesome new stuff to showcase from the past few weeks! Our primary goal has been implementing new dynamic environmental meshes, so that you can really see your spells leaving their impact on the arena. So far it’s gone great!

(If you need a brush-up on what Major League Magic is, here’s our official announcement article)

Look at Meteor for a first example. Now it leaves a satisfying impact in the terrain!

Nature’s Energy has a radical new role to play, carving slices through the terrain. If the opponent is spamming Pillar or relying too much on the high ground, this’ll cut them down to size!

In total, seven spells (Volcano, Pillar, Fire Wave, Nature’s Wall, Nature’s Energy, and Meteor) were given new terrain-altering mechanics, and playtests are showing that this has created an entirely new dimension to the gameplay, as the terrain quickly becomes scarred and reshaped from the combat. The arena can become almost unrecognizeable from battle damage as rounds progress, so to mitigate this, we’ve added some new capabilities to a few older spells. Flame Wave and (eventually) Grenade will now reset any terrain it comes in contact with, like so:

We’ve also added a feature where the spawn area will revert to normal at the beginning of a match, to make sure players don’t boobytrap their opponents’ spawn point during the previous round.

But that’s not all! The arena’s perimeter will now disintegrate once Overtime begins, slowly forcing the surviving mages into the center for a final showdown. Yochu has also completely redone the lava’s texture in light of it’s new importance, since people will be seeing a lot more of it now:

And lastly, Ahmet has added a new observer mode! When the server is full, the extra players will be able to fly around in freecam, or see the game from any player’s perspective with the number keys. This will be very useful for any upcoming tournaments, but I can’t officially say anything about that just yet. If you want to learn more about our game, check out our in-development website, but don’t fall in love with the URL because we’ve secured majorleaguemagic.com and will be transferring there shortly. Until then, talk to you next week!