Hi everybody! Remember that awesome tournament we ran a few weeks ago? Well, we’re excited to officially announce that we’ve finished pre-production and are moving into fulltime production!

Major League Magic is a multiplayer competitive shooter revolving around spells. Each player chooses four spells from a fire, water, and earth-themed roster, then enters the arena and attempts to kill each other. There are no healing abilities, and the ending of a round is usually very intense as the survivors struggle to make the most of their remaining hitpoints. The team that wins two of three rounds claims victory!

Almost every spell in Major League Magic changes the environment of the arena as a primary or secondary effect. These changes remain even during future rounds, meaning players must factor the shifting landscape into their strategies.

With pre-production finished last quarter, we’re now moving into the Production phase, where the team focuses on creating new content, finalizing art assets, and producing supplementary material. This means I’m almost certainly going to have more than just dev diaries to show y’all going forward. See you then!