When you play the older, less-flashy heists, you may notice that you’ll occasionally get a bonus day involving your getaway van crashing and you needing to hold out until a new one arrives. These are called Escape Maps, and the game doesn’t really do anything to explain what they are or why they happen. So today, just cause I remember being confused by them as a new player, I thought we could cover 5 Facts About Escapes.

1. There are several in-heist factors that increase the odds of an Escape occurring.

Specifically, most heists start with a base percentage chance of an Escape, and killing civilians or leaving during an assault wave add to that chance. Certain heists also increase the chances of Escapes happening on higher difficulties. The only way to 100% get an escape is to blow the meth lab on Rats.

2. You can only get an Escape if the alarm goes off.

This means you don’t need to worry if you either stealthed the heist or chained ECMs. You can also ace the “Sixth Sense” skill to purchase the Expert Driver asset, which will ensure you don’t get an Escape even if the heist goes loud.

3. Not all Escapes appear on any given heist.

For example, Rats can only roll for the Garage or Overpass escapes, whereas Diamond Store can only get Cafe, Park, or Street. Nightclub has the highest amount of possible Escapes, with anything but Street available. No heist rolls from the entire pool, so if you’re hunting specific Escape achievements make sure to check that you’re running the right heists. Speaking of which,

4. A special strat for King of the Hill

While King of the Hill is normally one of the most difficult Escape achievements, requiring you to keep all Cops off the grass for the entirety of the Park escape, you can earn it far more easily by camping out in the parking lot. It’s a terrible place to hold out compared to the park itself, but the cops will never path over to the park since you’ve stayed far away from it. And finally, #5:

5. You cannot roll a new Escape if you restart the day.

You’ll always get the same Escape you’ve already tried.

Hope this guide was informative, I know there’s not a lot of actual confusion around Escapes and you probably knew at least a few of these already, but I just wanted an excuse to hit cops with a comically-large spoon for an entire video. Hope you’re having a great April and happy heisting!