Hi everybody! Hope you enjoyed the Forzebreak tournament from last week! I had a blast streaming and shoutcasting it, and if you missed it, Major League Magic is having a very similar tournament tomorrow! On Friday at 3:00 pm PST, We’ll be running a 16-seed 1v1 tournament to see if Joey, our previous winner, can retain his place at the top of the leaderboards.

(If you need a brush-up on what Major League Magic is, here’s our official announcement article)

We have a lot of awesome new terrain-altering mechanics to showcase in this upcoming tournament, and we’ve also been hard at work finishing a robust observer mode that will let me toggle between freecam or either players’ perspective. Yup, I’m shoutcasting again on Twitch.tv/aabicus!

Feel free to readup on our game at majorleaguemagic.com, or check out the VOD of our previous tournament to get a feel for what’s to come. Hope to see you there!