It’s pretty obvious how you’re supposed to use walls, stairs, and floors to aid your pathway to victory in Fortnite, but it’s a bit tougher to figure out when you’d want to use a roof mat, also known as a pyramid. I used to think that floors were strictly more useful than pyramids, but since then I’ve learned about 5 Ways to Use the Pyramid in Fortnite!

Number 1: there are certain jumps that you can’t easily make from the ground, and a pyramid can give you the legup you need to hop easily through the window. Alternately, when crossing flat terrain it can stop any long-range opponents from getting an easy snipe on you.

Number 2: When crossing over open air, combining pyramids with floor tiles will reinforce your bridge and make it much harder for enemies below you to destroy it while you’re crossing.

Number 3: When you want to give yourself some cover in order to heal or shield up, crouching under a pyramid is a lot cheaper than building 4 full walls and a roof.

A related number 4, if there’s a valuable item you don’t want to carry with you, plopping a roof over it makes it less likely any enemies will discover it and possibly use it against you later down the line.

And finally number 5, Placing the pyramid on the ground in front of you can help give yourself the proper angle for a long-range snipe.

Thank you for listening, this aabicus with the SPUF of Legend. I normally make Payday videos, but my little brother started playing Fortnite so I want to create content for him too. If you have any Fortnite guides you’ve wanted to see, please let me know in the comments. Happy hunting!