Back in July I saw an amazing video on the Fortnite subreddit. User JyeunJyeun had made a little mock recruitment trailer showcasing his new playstyle, where he exclusively focused on supporting his team in the massive 50v50 shootouts. I’d played a bit of Fortnite here and there, but I’d mostly let it fall by the wayside because I prefer games with a healing class. JyeunJyeun’s medic playstyle was the gateway drug that finally got me into Fortnite, and I made a quick video in honor of the playstyle!

(Good timing too, because if you liked his first video, JyeunJyeun’s actually just released a sequel you can view here!)

While Fortnite doesn’t have any dedicated support items in its repertoire, I love to play medic in any shooter, and the 50v50 game mode is a golden opportunity to play a Battlefield doctor. Since surviving teamcount is one of the largest advantages you can have in the 50v50 endgame, dedicated healers can play a huge role in helping their team score the victory royale. Today we’re covering 5 Ways to Play Medic in Fortnite!

#1) In the early game, secure yourself an ATV and help ferry teammates from the edge of the storm to the circle. A lot of new players lose track of time or just get bad luck with the circle spawn, but saving them will give your team a numerical advantage going into the midgame.

#2) Once the circle’s fully closed, focus fulltime on reviving teammates instead of killing enemies. There’s nothing worse than being downed and ignored, plus the game will give you bonus XP for your first 3 revives.

#3) Carry as many healing and shield items as you can and make sure to drop something for whoever you just revived. They’ll be at their most vulnerable after being revived, and you know they’ll appreciate it.

#4) Alternately, you can construct an infirmary and leave a large collection of healing items on the ground where teammates can safely come collect them. Make sure to limit the bandages and shield potions to pickups of 2 or 3 so different players can charge into combat with some first aid.

And finally #5, Hold onto campfires and bungee pads and set them up in places your teammates can use. Both are very powerful for helping your team recover and reposition, especially in the midgame where both teams are fighting for a good position.

Hope you liked the video, as always this is aabicus with the SPUF of Legend, have a great day!