One day, K’lyshna returned from the carbuncle-fighting pits to find an unexpected visitor waiting in her submerged cave.

It was a salt swallow! And not just any salt swallow; after several moments of surprised confusion, she recognized the runt of the litter she’d raised while growing up in Gyr Abania. Nicknamed Hap for his cheery attitude, she’d left him behind when immigrating to Limsa Lominsa, and he’d gone on an incredible journey to find her as soon as he grew old enough to leave the nest.

She’d never know how Hap relocated her, or what trials he endured while tracking down his former master, but nothing had dampened his dopey demeanor and she was overjoyed to reunite with a familar face.

Years passed, and K’lyshna remained absorbed in her studies, secretly growing less and less sure her dreams to create a fractal carbuncle were even possible. The fighting pits were the only facet of her life bearing any fruit, and several times she grew close to writing the Arcanist Guild and agreeing to give up her illicit research if they’d only re-accept her.

But everything changed one night, when she was boxing with her carbuncle after a particularly unsuccessful day in the arena. They often sparred to hone each other’s martial skills, but this night their match ended early when the carbuncle abruptly shattered and disappeared after a well-placed punch! Shocked, she urgently attempted to resummon it, to no avail. It was only upon conjuring her other carbuncle that she discovered it had somehow merged into an amalgamated compound of Emerald and Topaz!

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Further study uncovered that she’d accidentally broken down the aetheric barriers between her two carbuncles through months and months of pugilist roughhousing. Since that night, she found she could no longer summon either individually. Instead, she had unwittingly created a new blended type of pet: the fractal carbuncle! 

After some celebration with Hap, she realized things were now going to change very, very quickly. The Arcanist’s Guild will be furious when they find out what she’d done to her carbuncles. Plus she could no longer show her pet in public, much less earn money in the fighting pits, without word getting out. Unless she abandoned her research and her livelihood, the Blind Iron Mines were no longer an adequately-protected place to live.

With a lack of other options, she confided in H’atari Nunh, a local merchant from whom she’d buy most of her food supplies. H’atari quickly recognized the financial possibilities of a new form of summoning magic, and agreed it’d be best to keep her discovery under wraps until she understood it better. He offered to let her live in a spare room at his bakery where he could finance her research into fractal summonings, an offer she was more than happy to accept.

For the first time ever, she could have furniture!

And so K’lyshna enjoyed a vastly-improved quality of life, especially as Mimosa Manor grew larger and more successful in the background. As it expanded, more people moved into the backrooms, all with their own motivations and reasons, and she soon found herself unexpectedly developing a social life. Before she knew it, she had actual friends to hang out with and go on adventures. Her moms would be so proud!

From time to time, H’atari will send her trustworthy hopefuls interested in learning about this new underground form of summoning. But while she’ll happily teach anyone she can, her pupils often lack the endurance and dual-focused discipline needed to unlock a fractal pet. Unlike normal arcanist magic, fractal carbuncles require longterm percussive regimens in addition to mathematical study, a blend of martial and cerebral training completely at odds with each other. But if your character thinks themselves up for the challenge, she might have a slot open on Friday. Just make sure you schedule quickly, because the offer’s only open as long as the Arcanist’s Guild doesn’t catch on!